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    I don`t want to say something bad, but XD

    Ha x

    Oh my god this is brilliant xx

    OMG this is so accurate 😀😊😂

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    The bestest best friends to ever best friend

    Dec makes the face after wards, but Declan you didn’t try to stop it;)!

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    Pretty sure the phrase "more surprised/confused than Ant & Dec when they won the Landmark Award" should become a thing

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    Ant looking beautiful!

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    Let’s all have a GIF of Dec flying on our dashboards ;-) 

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    This was cuutee!

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    i love Dec’s expression!

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  13. I was tagged by rosa47029

    1. Something interesting about you?
    Ummm, I can make a shamrock with my tounge….

    2. If you had any dreams of Ant and Dec or one of the two, what kind of dream/dreams did you have?
    I dream about them most days, being married to them, begging friends with them the lot

    3. What would your biggest dream be?
    To move to Ireland

    4. Favorite couple?
    Ummmm, don’t really know tbh, do ant and dec count….

    5. Your views on religion, science, homosexuality, gay rights, same sex marriage and legal same sex marriage now in the UK?
    Religion- I’m catholic, I believe in God & heaven and stuff but I’m not a literalist! Science- I don’t disagree with it, it could have happened but nobody knows.
    Gay rights- doesn’t make a difference to me , should have the same rights as EVERYONE.
    same sex marriage- fine.
    Legal same sex marriage- they should have done it sooner.

    6. Your views on people with learning difficulties?
    They should be treated equally, just because they struggle doesn’t mean they won’t ever achieve

    7. Beautiful quality about you? Ummm…don’t know tbh

    8. What’s your talents?
    Don’t really have any, I play football quiet well, make people laugh I suppose

    9. Favorite music?
    Pop ;) and Irish

    10. Your favorite childhood memory?
    Being wheeled round in a wheel barrow in my back garden or all my trips to Ireland.

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    the boys reactions to special awards at NTA’s 2002 & 2014

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    sexy in suits (3/3)